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So, as it turns out, Mr. Darcy is mildly afraid of both the clicker AND the target stick. This makes sense because although he is a very friendly pudd, he is very “head shy”. About the only part of the process he is a fan of is the turkey I’ve been using as the reward. I’m going to put the clicker inside of a sock to muffle the sound, and rub the target stick end in some tuna juice, and give it another go :).

I’ve also been trying clicking with a couple lucky catof the Bideawee Adoption Center cats- a very confident, but slightly naughty, 6 year old female, and a charming, food hound, 10 year old male, neither of whom are “head shy” or sensitive to noise. Even with the near constant interruptions and the muffled sounds of the dogs barking in the next room, they’ve made good progress. They have become bored with the commercial treats, though, so I think that I will have to invest in some turkey breast for them too!

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Darcy, our 7ish year old lap cat, is the most food motivated of our current trio. Hence, he has been chosen for my grand experiment. Clicker training is a form of operant conditioning that can improve your relationship with your cat. It helps to strengthen your bond, may improve behavior problems, and alleviate the boredom of indoor- only living. Or so I’ve been taught ;). Even though I have used basic clicker training techniques with several of my shelter cat “clients”, I’ve never tried to clicker train one of my own cats. That changes today! I look forward to sharing helpful, and I’m sure humorous, updates.


Here is some info on clicker training.


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Finally- equal time!


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Emery Cat!

If your cat likes cardboard scratching pads, this is the nail trim tool for you! Sleuth- tested, or rather, Sleuth’s picky Siamese- tested, Sleuth and Siamese approved!


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Hey All- Check out this weeks episode of Soapnet T.V.’s reality show “The Bank of Mom and Dad”. I make a brief appearance in the last 20 minutes or so when the protagonist visits Bideawee’s adoption center! You will know you’re watching the right episode if the lead’s name is Dina…


Link courtesy of my dear old friend Bruce!

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NY PIX Morning News Blog – WPIX-TV

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Hot Tips

Some great summer advice from our friends at Catster.com.


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It is official! Cats ARE brilliant.

BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Cats ‘exploit’ humans by purring

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