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I will be sending these groups some of my hard- earned this holiday season as a way of giving thanks! All are worthy of the support of any generous cat lover













and, of course,

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“Da Bird”. No cat loving home should be without one of this deceptively simple feather lure toys. Accept no substitutes. Other feather teasers may look the same, but none come close to the actual bird-like movement of “Da Bird”.

I’ve seen old cats, fat cats, bored cats, and aloof cats, spring off their respective butts and leap several feet in the air after this thing. Two short sessions with the toy, being sure to allow your cat to catch/kill it, and your previously noisy nights may be a thing of the past.

This toy actually utilizes all of your cat’s hunting skills, offers satisfaction in the “kill”, and if followed up by a nice dinner, should send your favorite pudd off to sleepyland!

There are more than a few amusing videos of people playing with their cats with “Da Bird” available for viewing on You Tube.

You can order “Da Bird” on most pet supply sites, and some Petcos carry them. Be sure to get the feather model, not the streamers or “fur” attachments.

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