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So, as it turns out, Mr. Darcy is mildly afraid of both the clicker AND the target stick. This makes sense because although he is a very friendly pudd, he is very “head shy”. About the only part of the process he is a fan of is the turkey I’ve been using as the reward. I’m going to put the clicker inside of a sock to muffle the sound, and rub the target stick end in some tuna juice, and give it another go :).

I’ve also been trying clicking with a couple lucky catof the Bideawee Adoption Center cats- a very confident, but slightly naughty, 6 year old female, and a charming, food hound, 10 year old male, neither of whom are “head shy” or sensitive to noise. Even with the near constant interruptions and the muffled sounds of the dogs barking in the next room, they’ve made good progress. They have become bored with the commercial treats, though, so I think that I will have to invest in some turkey breast for them too!

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Vet Prep

tuxedo junction


I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that your cat not view has carrier as a scary, strange smelling thing that takes him to scary, strange places. Pull the carrier out from time to time, throw some catnip and some treats into it. and repeat for a few days at a time. If you do this once a month or so, perhaps even working up to serving a tasty meal or two in it, the next time you actually have to take him to the vet, things should start off much more peacefully!

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