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Perfectly content with our cat family of two, My husband and I had no intention of adding a third feline to the mix.
Juno was brought to the adoption center from the local municipal shelter in terrible shape. He looked about 13 or 14 years of age, his dark brown face almost completely peppered with grey, and his body far too thin for his big, round head. He was un-neutered, leading us to believe that he may have been used as a breeding stud. He was completely distrustful to, and aggressive towards humans, a characteristic uncommon in Siamese, further leading us to believe that he had never been a pet.
He would lash out at you with little to no provocation to the point that, even after our amazing vets and their techs and assistants had taken their normal, wonderful care of him, and he had become a truly beautiful, much younger looking cat, he was bordering on unadoptable.

I began working with him, using play therapy techniques to help him to learn that humans could be good for more than the occasional meal! He truly blossomed, looking forward to our play sessions, and giving me mournful glances when I would end our play, and head home for the night.

Then came the news that Juno’s kidneys were failing, and that he would need special food and care for the rest of his life. This, combined with his lack of friendliness towards anyone but me(and even that was guarded, at best.), would probably mean that he would live out his days in the shelter’s adoption center.
I begged my husband to let us try fostering Juno in our home to see if our two pudds could live peacefully with him. He agreed, and in October of 2006, Juno came home!

From the moment that he entered our home, he was a different cat. Loving and devoted, though still resistant to too much handling, he followed us around the house, and licked us awake each morning! His health has continued to improve, and his kidneys are stable. He rough plays with Phil, helping to bring him out of his shell, and is gentle and protective of old man Phinny!

Every cat deserves a chance at a loving home, and Juno is living proof!

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